AXS Express Top-up

AXS Express Top-up is an extension of the AXS Network, catering specifically to top-up applications, namely Telco prepaid card top-up and transit card top-up.

AXS Express Top-up access points will provide customers with a fast and efficient channel that is complementary to the AXS Stations in topping up their prepaid account from M1, Singtel, StarHub and ez-link.

There are currently over 60 units of AXS Express Top-up terminals deployed, mainly at dormitories and tertiary institutions.

All AXS Express Top-up terminals have been upgraded to accept only chip-based ATM/debit cards for payments. Please follow the on-screen instructions in making payments.

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Sample image of chip-based ATM card

Top-up applications available at AXS Express Top-up are:
  • M1 M Card
  • Singtel hi!Card
  • StarHub Happy Prepaid
  • ez-link Card