AXS AGM 2021

Dear Shareholder,


Notice is hereby given that an Annual General Meeting ("AGM") of the Shareholders of AXS Pte. Ltd. (the "Company") will be held by way of electronic means on Tuesday, 27 April 2021 at 11.00 a.m. (Singapore time).

You may attend, and participate in, the AGM by electronic means using either of the following options:

Option 1 (Video Conference) – If you are joining via a laptop or mobile device,
click on this hyperlink: Webex Meeting Link
Meeting number: 184 372 9461#
Password: GXi5GCM2me5

Option 2 (Audio Conference) – If you are dialling in via phone (audio only):
+65-3157-6442 Singapore Toll
Meeting number: 184 372 9461#

In view of the current Covid-19 situation and the related safe distancing measures, the Annual General Meeting is being convened, and will be held, by electronic means. You must appoint the Chairman of the Meeting as your proxy to vote on your behalf at the Annual General Meeting if you wish to exercise your voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. You must also give specific instructions as to voting, or abstentions from voting, in respect of a resolution in the form of proxy, failing which the appointment of the Chairman of the Meeting as proxy for that resolution will be treated as invalid.