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Consumers can now make payments to eServices conveniently.



Select: Community > MUIS

- Zakat Payment
- Donation
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Busy Bees

Select: Education > Busy Bees

- School Fees Payment

Select: Education > ITE

- ITE Bill Payment

Select: Education > MDIS

- School Fees Payment
My English School

Select: Education > My English School

- Course Fee Payment
Nanyang Polytechnic

Select: Education > Nanyang Polytechnic

- School Fees Payment

Select: Education > NUS

- Application Fee
Singapore Polytechnic

Select: Education > Singapore Polytechnic

- School Fees Payment

Select: Education > SIT

- Tuition Fees / Annual Fees / Registration Fee Payment
- Late Fees Payment
- Student Activities Fees Payment
- Application Fees Payment
- Others Payment
Temasek Polytechnic

Select: Education > Temasek Polytechnic

- School Fees Payment
The Learning Lab

Select: Education > The Learning Lab

- School Fees Payment
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Select: Government > HDB

- Housing Loan, Upgrading Cost, Rent & Charges
- Renovation Contractors' Fees
- Season Parking Charges
    - Season Parking Renewal
    - Other Season Parking Transactions
- Administrative fees for renting out of flat/ bedroom(s)
- Resale Flats
- Others
JTC Corporation

Select: Government > JTC Corporation

- Industrial properties tenancy and land lease related fees
- Fines Payment

Select: Government > LTA

- Road Tax Renewal
- e-Day Licence Purchase and Enquiry
- Vocational Licence Renewal

Select: Government > MINDEF

- Cards, Passes & IDs Fee Payment
- LOAs, Permits, Certificates & Licences Fee Payment
- Medical Reports, Subscriptions & Wheel Clamp Fee Payment
- Benevolent Fund, Chalet Fee, Utilities Payment
- Losses & Damages, Others Payment
- Fines
- Bills
National Environment Agency

Select: Government > NEA

- Fines
- Hawker Stalls Payment
- Licences Payment

Select: eServices > Government > NParks/AVS

- NParks BBQ Pit Booking & Payment
- NParks Camping Permit Application
- Licence/Certificates/Other Services
- Dog Licences


Select: Government > SFA

- Composition Fines
- Certificates/Licences/Other Services
Singapore Customs

Select: Government > Singapore Customs

- Miscellaneous Fees and Composition Fines
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Select: Ticketing > Scoot

- Flight Payment
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