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AXS Receive

AXS Receive is a newly launched service on AXS m-Station (mobile app) that is designed to help you consolidate, track and receive money easily from participating corporations and organizations.

Why would organizations want to refund money to me?
There are many instances in our life that sees us receiving money in the form of cheques from corporate organizations. Such instances could be due to:
- Overpayment of a bill,
- Wrong payment of a bill that was made accidentally,
- Termination of an account resulting in the organization needing to refund you any excess amounts left in your account
- Insurance claims,
- Dividend payouts; etc.

In such instance, rather than receiving a cheque and having to look for a cheque deposit box to bank in the cheque - it would be a lot simpler to sign up for AXS Receive so that organizations can pay directly into your bank account. When this happens, you will receive notification from AXS and is able to track the transaction from your mobile device.

Why should I register for AXS Receive?
  • Peace of mind - your details will be verified by both Singpass Myinfo and PayNow. This information is kept secure and not shared with third parties.
  • In the know – be notified (via push notification and email) when there is a payment made to you (push notifications need to be enabled for AXS m-Station).
  • Consolidated overview - single platform for you to view and track the funds and information you would receive from corporate organizations.
  • Hassle-free – funds are credited directly into your bank account registered with PayNow using your NRIC number, you don’t have to do anything.

How do I register for AXS Receive?

1. Select “Receive” under AXS.Life.

2. Select “Sign up Now”

3. Select “Retrieve Myinfo with Singpass” to login to Singpass.

Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your information.

4. Your information is successfully retrieved from MyInfo.

Select “Verify” under NRIC No. to confirm your PayNow is registered under NRIC No.

5. PayNow verified.

Which are the participating organizations in AXS Receive?
As AXS Receive is a newly launched service, we are starting it with us (AXS) as the first organization! If there are any refund requests by customers, it will be processed through AXS Receive.

More corporate organizations will be added soon.