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AXS Plus

Store your bill account numbers on AXS Plus and leave your physical bills at home.

AXS Plus is a service that facilitates bill payment more efficiently by assisting to store bill account numbers centrally, where you can simply retrieve your bill records on any AXS Station with user ID and password. All you need to do is register your profile and bill account numbers one-time under AXS Plus, and you can start paying your bills without having to bring your bill statements.

With AXS Plus, you will enjoy:
  • A large range of billing organisations
  • Have your regular bills saved under your Favorites list
  • Track your payment history (up to 3 months)
  • Receive eNewsletter on the latest promotions, products and services

  • Security of Your Personal Information is Assured
    AXS is committed in protecting your personal information against unauthorised access, giving you peace of mind when paying via AXS Station.

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    Unsure of how to register and make payments via AXS Plus? Find out more at How to Use.