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AXS Receive

AXS Receive is a newly launched platform on AXS m-Station that is designed to enable corporate organizations to credit funds and deliver e-Statements to their customers for refunds, claims and payouts.
Why would corporate organizations want to sign up with AXS Receive?
As corporate organizations, there will always be a need to send refunds, claims, payouts, etc. to customers, which could be a tedious and intensive affair. With AXS Receive, the process could be more efficient, benefiting both the organizations and their customers.

Benefits to corporate organisations
- Funds are directly credited to their customers’ bank accounts, replacing cash/cheques for refunds, claims, payouts, etc.
- e-Statement delivery to gradually replace paper statements
- Cost savings from reduction in cheque issuance, statement printing and postage
- Better customer engagement and customer satisfaction
- Single point of contact with AXS for easy consolidation and reporting

Benefits to your customers
- Having a consolidated view for all credit posting and e-statement from multiple organizations
- Having a simple and intuitive approach to receiving e-statements
- Receiving notification alert for receipt of funds and e-statements
- Having a historical view and tracking of credit transactions and e-statement
- Having a faster access to funds (no wasted time in mailing and cheque deposit)
- Delivering an enhanced digital experience with the aim of simplifying how customers receive funds and data

Which are the participating organizations in AXS Receive?
As AXS Receive is a newly launched service, we are starting it with us (AXS) as the first organization! More corporate organizations will be coming soon.

If you would like to join AXS Receive or find out more, reach out to us at