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AXS InfoComm Pte Ltd (‘AXS’) was incorporated in March 2000 under the LKN-Primefield Group of Companies with Network for Electronic Transfer (Singapore) Pte Ltd (‘NETS’) as a shareholder.

The founding partners of AXS identified a significant market potential for a new generation of access points capable of accessing an Electronic Service Delivery Network (‘ESDN’). They then embarked on the development of the key technologies involved. In just over two years, important access points were identified, and the AXS Network was launched.

Through the acquisition of the NETS Kiosk operation, AXS gained market acceptance and was able to expand its network of service providers rapidly. The availability of immediate locations enabled AXS to deploy its new generation of public access points (AXS Stations), and soon established AXS as the leading provider of ESDN in Singapore.

From the first AXS Station installed on 26 March 2001, AXS has expanded its access points to more than 670 AXS Stations island-wide. It is available in major shopping centres, petrol stations, convenient stores and neighbourhood town centres.

Since September 2006, AXS has become a subsidiary of DBS. This change in corporate structure provides increased stability and resources for network expansion and support.

On September 2008, AXS introduced "D-Pay" (direct pay), a new direct payment environment available that allows their users greater choice in effecting transactions on AXS Stations.

As of January 2009, AXS InfoComm Pte Ltd is officially known as AXS Pte Ltd.

To cater for over-the-counter collection, AXS partnered with Cheers and FairPrice Xpress to deploy AXS QuickBill at their stores from April 2011 to April 2016. Since then, AXS has further grown its network size to include AXS Express Top-up (October 2009 - January 2018), and in 2013, AXS m-Station (mobile payment) and AXS e-Station (online payment).

In August 2023, Tower Capital Asia acquired a majority stake in AXS Pte Ltd. With this acquisition, Tower Capital Asia immediately becomes the largest shareholder in AXS, while existing shareholder DBS Bank continues to retain a 9.9% stake in the company.