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AXS Station

The AXS Station is a multi-application transactional terminal that comes with a debit card and credit card payment facilities. Running on a high-speed ADSL broadband network, it operates 24 hours a day and is installed at strategic and high traffic locations.

With 650 AXS Stations island-wide, the AXS Station network has grown to be the largest public broadband transactional terminal network in Singapore. The strategic placements of AXS Station ensure its reach to various demographic groups of customers.

As of now, AXS Station boasts of over 600 payment services, offering users an extensive range of applications.

Services available on AXS Station include:
  • Bills & Fines Payment
  • NParks BBQ Pit Booking and Camping Permit Application
  • Prepaid Card Top-up
  • Promotions
  • eServices in 8 categories
    Education, Lifestyle, Community, Government, Finance, Services, Ticketing and Top-Up

  • There are currently two different types of AXS Station deployed in Singapore. They are AXS Station II and Twin AXS Station.

    Regardless of the type of AXS Station the customers are using, the application services and the navigation are the same throughout.