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Service Providers

As a Service Provider, organisations can use the various secured channels offered by AXS to collect financial payment from their customers. This would include all forms of bills, fines and premiums.

AXS offers the Service Providers a network of access points that complements their existing channels of collection, delivering greater convenience to their customers. An integrated, end-to-end solution will be developed, hosted and maintained by AXS, with daily financial files and reports electronically transmitted to the Service Providers for data and financial consolidation purposes.

AXS Network includes:
  • AXS Station
  • AXS e-Station
  • AXS m-Station

  • A wide range of financial collection services is available to suit the needs of various types of organisations such as the Banking & Financial institutions, Government Agencies, Telecommunications and Utilities Companies and even Small Medium enterprises (SME). As a highly convenient, secure and reliable transactional platform, clients are able to reach out to mass consumers and meet their business goals. In addition, AXS Network provides an avenue for clients to enhance and maximise their services through marketing communications and promotional activities.

    Connectivity and Payment Flowchart: