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Services: Pay Fines

AXS Station provides a convenient way for consumers to pay their fines. Fines that can be paid on AXS Station include traffic fines and other fines such as Customs, NEA, NParks and more.


Select: Fines > HDB

- Parking Fine Payment
JTC Corporation

Select: Fines > JTC Corporation

- Fines Payment

Select: Fines > LTA

- Fine Payment

Select: Fines > NEA

- Fine Payment

Select: Fines > Sentosa

- Fines Payment
Singapore Customs

Select: Fines > Singapore Customs

- Fine Payment
- Miscellaneous Fee Payment (except TradeNet permit and processing fees)
State Courts

Select: Fines > State Courts

- Fine Payment
- Fine Instalments Payment
Traffic Police

Select: Fines > Traffic Police

- Fine Payment

Select: Fines > URA

- Fine Payment

Select: Fines > SFA

-Fine Payment

Unsure of how to make payments? Find out more at How to Use.