FAQs - NParks BBQ Pit Booking and Payment


1. How do I book a BBQ pit from NParks?
BBQ pits may be booked using the NParks BBQ pit booking module on AXS Station, AXS e-Station and AXS m-Station for the following parks:
  • Changi Beach Park
  • East Coast Park
  • Labrador Nature Reserve
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Sembawang Park
  • West Coast Park

Users can download the AXS m-station app on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Huawei AppGallery.

2. I have booked a BBQ pit. What time am I allowed to use the BBQ pit from?
BBQ pit applicants may use the specified BBQ pit from 12noon to 10.30pm on the day of booking.

3. Can I transfer my BBQ pit permit?
BBQ pit permits are non-transferable. The BBQ pit applicant is responsible for the use of the BBQ pit during the validity period of the permit.

4. Can I use the shelter next to the BBQ pit that I booked?
Shelters are shared spaces that are for use by all visitors of the park. Hence, the shelters close to the BBQ pits are not part of the BBQ pit bookings. We encourage all park visitors to be considerate and to share all common spaces in the park.

5. How much does a BBQ pit cost?
The cost of booking a BBQ pit is between SGD$12 to SGD$20 daily depending on the location.

6. The lamp next to my BBQ pit is not working. What can I do?
Please call the NParks helpline at 1800-4717300. For other non-urgent feedback, please submit via NParks website (www.nparks.gov.sg/feedback) or the OneService Mobile App (www.oneservice.sg).


1. How many BBQ pits can I book in a single booking?
An individual can only book one BBQ pit. In addition, each individual can only hold one valid BBQ permit at any time.

2. Can I book BBQ pits from different parks in a single booking?
Only one BBQ pit may be booked at any one time, regardless of the park that each pit is located in. For users who wish to book another BBQ pit, the booking can only be made after the expiry of the earlier booking.

3. Can I choose a specific available BBQ pit or area in my booking?
Users may select a specific BBQ pit during the booking.

4. Is there a time limit when I book my BBQ pit(s)?
Applicants will need to complete the booking and payment within 15 minutes from the time of pit selection.

5. . Can I get a refund of my BBQ pit booking fee if it rains on the day of my BBQ event?
As per the terms and conditions in the booking, all booking fees are non-refundable.

6. I have forgotten about my BBQ pit booking. Can I get a refund for an unused BBQ pit booking?
All booking fees are non-refundable.

7. Can I change my BBQ pit booking date or location?
You are allowed a one-time change of the Barbecue Date stated on the Permit, provided always that:

  • the Barbecue Pit is available for booking on the new proposed Barbecue Date through the System (as at the time of application to submit the change); and
  • that the change is made up to forty-eight (48) hours before the Barbecue Date. To avoid doubt, no change of Barbecue Date can be made to the Permit forty-eight (48) hours before the Barbecue Date.

8. Can I cancel my BBQ pit booking?
Once a booking is confirmed, cancellations are not allowed. There will also be no refunds for users who decide not to utilise the BBQ pit after the booking.

9. I closed my window browser accidentally while making the booking. What should I do?
You may wish to wait for 15 minutes and try to submit the booking again. The pit selected previously may not be available immediately as it would be reserved for 15 minutes under the previous transaction.


1. How do I pay for my mobile BBQ pit booking?
Payment can be accepted via the following modes:

AXS Station:
  • ATM cards
  • Diners Card
  • Citibank Debit/Credit Cards

AXS e-Station:
  • eNETS
  • DBS PayLah!
  • Any locally issued Mastercard/Visa
  • DBS/POSB/Citibank/Diners/OCBC/UOB Credit Cards
  • DBS/POSB/Citibank/OCBC/UOB Debit Cards

AXS m-Station:
  • eNETS
  • NETSPay
  • DBS PayLah!
  • Any locally issued Mastercard
  • DBS/POSB/Citibank/Diners/OCBC/UOB/UnionPay Credit Cards
  • DBS/POSB/Citibank/OCBC/UOB/UnionPay Debit Cards
  • OCBC Pay Anyone™
  • Pay+Earn

2. Is there any administrative charge for booking BBQ pits using the NParks BBQ Pit Booking Module on AXS channels?
There is no administrative charge for using NParks BBQ Pit Booking Module.

3. How do I know if my booking is successful?
Upon receipt of the payment, an email with the booking details and the payment receipt will be sent to the email indicated in the application. This email should be received within 15 minutes.

4. I made a booking but I did not receive any confirmation email.
Please check that your inbox is not full (if so, the confirmation email would be rejected). Do also check your spam or junk folder. Should you require further assistance, please contact AXS Hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm, daily), WhatsApp us at 8102 6213 (6pm - 10pm, daily) or email cs@axs.com.sg.

5. Do I need to print out my BBQ pit booking permit to show to the park rangers?
Please bring along a printed version or an electronic version of the BBQ pit permit for verification purposes.

6. What should I do if I lose my BBQ pit booking permit?
The BBQ permit can be retrieved from the confirmation email. Alternatively, please contact the AXS Hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm, daily) or WhatsApp us at 8102 6213 (6pm - 10pm, daily) if the confirmation email is misplaced.