FAQs - NParks Camping Permit Application


1. What is NParks Camping Permit Application?
It is a portal that enables you to apply for your NParks camping permit on AXS Station (kiosk), AXS e-Station (Online) and AXS m-Station (mobile) from the following parks: East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park and Pulau Ubin.

2. Which are the parks that I can apply for camping permits for?
You may apply camping permit for East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park and Pulau Ubin.

3. When is camping permit required?
You are required to apply for camping permit for weekdays and weekends, including public and school holidays.

4. Who can apply for camping permit?
You can apply for camping permit if you
  • are 16 years old and above,
  • have valid residential address in the Republic of Singapore,
  • do not have any existing camping permit, and
  • do not exceed the limit of 4 days of camping days per month.

  • 5. I have applied for a camping permit. What is the permitted camping hours at the camping site?
    You are allowed to start camping at your chosen site from 9am on the day of permit to 9am the following day.

    6. Can I transfer my camping permit?
    No. Your camping permit is non-transferrable. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the camping area during the validity period of the permit.

    7. Do I need to pay for the camping permit?
    Currently, there is no charge for camping permit application.


    1. How many camping permit can I apply in a single booking?
    You may apply for only 1 permit for 1 tent at a time. New permit can only be applied after the expiry of the existing permit.

    2. Is there a limit to the number of camping days I can apply for each month?
    Yes, you may only apply for a maximum of 4 days of camping per month.

    3. Can I apply for camping permits for different parks in a single booking?
    No, you may only apply for 1 permit for 1 tent at a time. You may only apply camping permit for another park after the expiry of the current permit.

    4. Can I choose a specific available camping area in my application?
    Yes, you may. Simply select your choice of camping area in your application.

    5. What is the permitted camping group size per application?
    The camping group must comprise of 1 main applicant and up to 5 accompanying campers.

    6. What information do I need to enter to apply for a camping permit?
    For application via AXS e/m Station, SingPass retrieval will be required to retrieve the necessary information.

    For application via AXS Station, please scan your NRIC/FIN.You will need to provide the NRIC/FIN of the main applicant and all of the occupants.

    7. Is there a time limit when I apply for my camping permit online?
    Yes. You need to complete the application within 15 minutes from the time of park area selection.

    8. Can I cancel my Camping Permit if it rains on the day of my camping activity?
    No, you can’t.

    9. I have forgotten about my Camping Permit. Can I cancel an unutilised Camping Permit?
    No, you can’t.

    10. Can I change my camping permit date or location?
    You are allowed a one-time change of the Camping Period stated on the Permit, provided always that:

      (i) the Camping Area is available for booking on the new proposed Camping Period through the System (as at the time of application to submit the change); and

      (ii) that the change is made up to forty-eight (48) hours before the commencement of the Camping Period stated in the Permit. To avoid doubt, no change can be made to the Permit forty-eight (48) hours before the first day of the Camping Period.

    11. Can I add more or remove camping occupants to my camping permit?
    Yes, you may update the camping occupants in your camping permit using any AXS Channels.

    12. Can I cancel my camping permit?
    No. Once your application is confirmed, there will be no cancellation allowed.

    13. I accidently close my window browser while making the application. What should I do?
    You may continue to apply again. The area selected previously may not be available immediately as we have reserved it for 15 minutes. If you want to select the area, please wait for 15 minutes before making the application again.

    14. How do I know if my camping permit online application is successful?
    After successful application via AXS e-Station (Online) / AXS m-Station (mobile), you will receive an acknowledgement email. The permit will be sent over to the registered email address 48 hours before the camping date. For application via AXS Station, you will receive the physical print-out permit.

    15. I made a booking using AXS e-Station (Online) / AXS m-Station (mobile) but I did not receive any confirmation email.
    Please check that your inbox is not full (and therefore rejecting the confirmation email) or your spam or junk folder to ensure that the email was not accidently filtered out. Should you require further assistance to check your booking status, please contact AXS Hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm, daily), WhatsApp us at 8102 6213 (6pm - 10pm, daily) or email to cs@axs.com.sg.

    16. What should I do if I lose my NParks Camping Permit?
    You may visit any AXS Station (Select: Lifestyle or Government > NParks BBQ/Camping Permit > Camping Permit > Reprint Receipt) to do a reprint. Alternatively, you may contact AXS Hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm, daily), WhatsApp us at 8102 6213 (6pm - 10pm, daily) or email to cs@axs.com.sg.