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FAQs - AXS Station


1. What is AXS Station?
AXS Station is an automated self-service kiosk, which provides a wide range of services such as bill and fine payments, top-up of prepaid mobile card, and purchase and collection of movie tickets.

2. Do I need to pay to use the services on AXS Station?
Most services provided are FREE for users to use.

For payment to Condo/Bldg (MCST), there is a $0.50 service fee charged for each transaction.

3. What are the services available on AXS Station?
For the full range of services available on AXS Station, click here.

4. What should I do if the AXS Station experience technical problems while I am using it?
To report any technical problems, kindly call AXS Customer Service hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm daily).

5. How do I can find the nearest AXS Station?
To locate the nearest AXS Station, you may call AXS Customer Service hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm daily) or click here.

6. How do I use the AXS Station?
For the step-by-step guide on how to use the various applications, click here.

Alternatively, you may view the video guide here.

7. I see different types of AXS Station. Do they offer the same services?
Yes, all our AXS Stations offer the same services.


1. What is AXS Plus?
AXS Plus is a service that facilitates bill payment more efficiently by enabling you to store bill account numbers centrally, which you can simply retrieve on any AXS Station with user ID and password. You just need to register your profile and set-up your bill accounts one-time under AXS Plus. After that, you can start making payments without having to bring your bill statements.

2. Where can I find AXS Plus?
AXS Plus is available on all AXS Stations and is found on the right panel of the screen. The AXS Plus button looks like this:

3. How do I sign-up as an AXS Plus member?
You may select ‘AXS Plus’ on the right panel, followed by ‘Join Now’ to sign up as a member on the AXS Station.

4. What is the information required for registration as an AXS Plus member?
The following information is mandatory for registration:
  • User ID (minimum 8 characters)
  • NRIC No. or FIN
  • Contact Number
  • Password (minimum 8 characters)

  • 5. Do I need to pay to be a member of AXS Plus?
    No. This is a FREE service.

    6. Is there any age limit to sign-up for AXS Plus?
    No. There is no age limit to register as AXS Plus member.

    7. What should I do if I forget my User ID or password?
    There are 2 ways that you can retrieve your User ID or get a temporary password.
  • Select ‘Can’t access your account’ on AXS Plus entry screen, or
  • Contact AXS Customer Service hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm daily).

  • 8. What are the benefits for members?
    You will receive the following benefits:
    - Register & recall your bill account number
    - Review your transaction history
    - Enjoy exclusive promotion
    - Keep updated on new products & services available

    9. Can I pay my bills without joining as a member of AXS Plus?
    Only members can pay bills through AXS Plus.

    10. What are the bill payment services available on AXS Plus?
    Bill payment services from the following billing organisation categories are available on AXS Plus.
  • General
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Healthcare
  • Memberships
  • Town Councils
  • Season Parking

  • For the full listing of billing organisations in each category, please click here.

    11. Will other services such as Fines & Top-ups be available on AXS Plus?
    AXS will study the feasibility for future inclusion. For now, only bills payment is available.

    12. How soon will my payment reach the billing organization?
    It will take 2 working days for your payment to be reflected at your billing organisation.

    13. What can I do under Account Management?
    You may perform any of the following:
  • Manage Favorites – manage your list of stored bill account numbers
  • User Profile – update or edit your user information
  • Change Password
  • Feedback – provide feedback to AXS on any issues or suggestions

  • 14. Who should I contact should there be any discrepancies with my bill(s) payment?
    Should you encounter any discrepancies, please contact AXS Customer Service hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm daily).

    15. Is there any requirement for password creation during registration?
    Yes, minimum 8 alphanumeric characters.

    16. Can I change my User ID in future?
    Yes, changes can be made under ‘User Profile’, subjected to minimum 8 alphanumeric characters.

    17. Can I delete my AXS Plus account?
    Yes, you can do so by AXS Customer Service hotline at 6560 2727 (8.30am to 6pm daily) and upon verification (NRIC No./FIN, Name and Contact Number), your AXS Plus account will be terminated.

    18. How many tries will I be given before my AXS Plus account is locked after entering wrong password consecutively?
    Your AXS Plus account will be locked after 3 consecutive wrong password entries.

    19. If I decide not to update or input my ‘User Profile’, what will happen should my AXS Plus account is locked?
    During registration, User ID, NRIC No., Contact Number and Name are mandatory fields. NRIC No. is not editable and will be used as the key verification.


    1. What are the payment modes that are accepted on AXS Station?
    The following modes of payment are available on AXS Stations.
    • ATM cards (DBS Bank, POSB, Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered and UOB)
    • Selected credit cards
    • PayNow QR

    2. What does the customer need to do to perform a transaction?
    To perform a transaction using ATM cards, the steps are similar to that of any ATM transactions. Customers only need to insert their ATM card when prompted and key in the corresponding PIN.

    For payment using credit cards, customers are to insert their credit card when prompted and key in the "Expiry Date" and "CVV number” of the card.

    For PayNow QR payment, customers would have to open the banking app with PayNow QR function to scan the QR code displayed on the screen. Upon successful transaction, a receipt will be printed.

    3. Is CASHCARD still acceptable at AXS Station?
    No, CashCard payment is not acceptable at AXS Station. You may make your payment using ATM cards from DBS Bank, POSB, Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered and UOB.

    4. What is the daily transaction limit on the AXS Station?
    For ATM card, the maximum payment amount is either the default set by your card issuing Bank or the daily transaction limit set up by you, up to a limit of $3,000.

    For credit cards, the maximum payment amount is your credit limit, up to a limit of $9999.99.

    For PayNow QR, the maximum payment amount is bank account balance, up to a limit of $3,000.

    5. I noticed an option "Credit Line" under the "Select Account Type" screen.
    What is "Credit Line" for?

    "Credit Line" is a new option under D-Pay for customers to tap onto their personal line of credit to make payments on D-Pay enabled AXS Stations. DBS Bank is the first bank to offer customers the convenience of making payment using their Cashline account by selecting this "Credit Line" option.