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How to Use - ez-link Top-up

Now you can perform the following ez-link card functions on all AXS Station by just following the step-by-step guides as outline below:

1. Top-up ez-link Card

Top-up ez-link Card 
Now you can conveniently top-up your ez-link card on AXS Station.

- Top-up of concession cards issued by LTA is not available on AXS Station.
- Only accepts payment using DBS Bank, POSB or Citibank ATM card.
- A $0.20 convenience fee for each top-up will be charged by EZ-Link.

1. Select "Top-Up" or "Services" at the top panel.

2. Select "ez-link".

3. Select “Top Up” to top-up your card.

4. Place your ez-link card on the contactless card reader above the pin pad.

Please do not remove your card until you are informed to do so.

5. Select your preferred top-up amount.

Select "Continue" to proceed.

(Please note that the maximum stored value in the ez-link card is S$500.)

6. Confirm your top-up details.

Press "Pay by D-Pay" to proceed with payment and follow the on-screen instruction to complete your transaction.

7. Your transaction is successful.

Please collect your ez-link card and receipt.

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